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LipKy chalets are the best place for people looking for a quiet rest enriched with a wide range of active relaxation. In the first phase of construction we plan to build 7 chalets, while four are already under construction. The whole project is financed from own resources without the burden of bank loan.
The chalets are spacious, and illuminated by natural sunlight during the day. Their large windows offer a panoramic view of the western Tatra mountains. The outstanding feature of the chalets is the fact that they combine – in a harmonious manner – comfort with modern technology. All buildings will be constructed on the same basis in terms of design. What makes every chalet special is that different materials will be used for the completion of each. Traditional construction procedures will be followed: the materials are made from environmental-friendly substances. These will be combined with proven elements such as wood shake and shingle roofing.

The interior will be designed in a way that maintains the synergy of comfort and the unique view. As mentioned earlier, the interiors will be in highly modern style, thus incorporating tradition with modern technology and the amenities of current living.

The first floor will cater to daily life in the family. It will house the kitchen, dining-room, living room, bathroom and toilet. Bedrooms – a main bedroom and two smaller ones – will be located on the first floor. Obviously, there will be adjoining bathrooms on the first floor as well.


Chalet Living area Area Details

148,40 m2

876 m2


150,94 m2

841 m2


148,40 m2

824 m2


150,94 m2

762 m2


148,40 m2

713 m2


150,94 m2

637 m2


148,40 m2

579 m2

„LipKy chalets were created by linking the Slovak tradition with modern technologies of the present time.“

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