LipKy chalets are the best place for people seeking a peaceful rest enriched with a wide range of active relaxation

LipKy Chalets

LipKy chalets have risen as a combination of Slovak tradition and modern technology. Thanks to this combination and the unique location of these chalets at the border of Nízke Tatry national park, the client enjoys three benefits in one: the comfort of being cradled in nature, a unique view, and modern amenities.

The project is located in Liptovské Kľačany, in the south-western part of Liptov valley. Liptov is one of the most beautiful regions in Slovakia.

About the project LipKy

The project is divided into two phases. The first phase consists of the construction of 7 chalets and in the second phase 6 chalets. The exterior design will retain the region’s traditional architecture. The chalets are built on the basis of sandwich technology, combining original materials with modern substances. Thus, it will be a synergy of traditional appearance and highest utility. The imaginative design of the interior will provide all comforts of the third millennium. Wide panoramic windows provide a unique view of the western Tatra mountains, dominated by the Kriváň’s. The artificial lake of Liptovská Mara is visible from the attic.

13 above-standard chalets at the foot of the Low Tatras massif
Traditional way of building and using the maximum amount of natural materials
Modern and practical interior standard with spectacular views of the Tatras
Many attractions for active relaxation in the surroundings, for winter and summer time


Liptovské Kľačany
Thirteen luxury chalets will be built immediately next to the village named Liptovské Kľačany, on the silent and pleasant plateau located beyond this village, at the border of Nízke Tatry national park. As the location of every chalet will be carefully selected and planned, every resident will have a great view of a large number of mountains in the high Tatra as well as Malá Fatra. This unique view is one of the outstanding features of the project. The investors will ensure that the delightful landscape can be viewed from any position in every chalet.


Liptov Region

Liptov is one of the most beautiful regions in Slovakia. It is located in the basin between two of the highest mountain massifs in Slovakia, namely the High Tatra and the Low Tatra. Two of three national parks are also located in this region. The third is Veľká Fatra national park. An outstanding aspect of this locality, in addition to its natural surroundings, is the famous artificial lake of Liptovská Mara. Thanks to the historic sights (the villages, museums, castles, and the original architecture …) the natural landmarks, and all other attractions, every individual will be able to create his/her own personal environment in Liptov.
The large number of curative hot springs provide adequate options for the health conscious and for those who wish to improve their health.


„LipKy chalets were created by linking the Slovak tradition with modern technologies of the present time.“

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