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About the project First phase
  Second phase
  Third phase
  Fourth phase
Our Team  

About the project
First phase – Construction and sale of 13 chalets (2008 – 2009)
The project is divided into four phases. The first phase consists of the construction of 13 chalets. The exterior design is such that it will retain the region's traditional architecture. The chalets are built on the basis of sandwich technology, combining original materials with modern substances. Thus, it will be a synergy of traditional appearance and highest utility. The imaginative design of the interior will provide all comforts of the third millennium. Wide panoramic windows provide a unique view of the western Tatra mountains, dominated by the Kriváň’s. The artificial lake of Liptovská Mara is visible from the attic.
The project will include the creation of sports and recreation facilities. A beach volley ball court will be built on our grounds in the first phase. We will also participate in the construction of municipal sport fields. These are located within a 5-minute walking distance. The rest of the sport fields and facilities are scheduled to be constructed in the fourth phase. We will give due consideration to the fact that the natural environment is the best location for sports and relaxation. The Nízke Tatry national park is at the very border of the chalet’s property.
The chalets will be sold to the final customer. The project will be financed by its own sources. No loans or external funding sources will be utilised.
Second phase – Construction of a hotel and six chalets for rent (2010 – 2011)
A hotel with wellness facilities and a restaurant will be constructed. We aim to create an attractive and variegated environment for a new community of residents. The adjacent chalets will be used for personal residential purposes or may be rented out by the owner. From the architectural point of view all of the buildings in the second phase will match those built in the first phase and, in conjunction with those constructed in the third phase, will provide a new recreational area.
An administration centre offering services to guests as well to the owners of chalet will be included in the hotel reception. It will provide the following:
Services to enhance the level of comfort, such as room service, garden service, laundry, security, etc.
  • Operation of social facilities: restaurant, bar.
  • Bikes, four-wheelers, snow-jets, bobsleds on rent.
  • Organizing any kind of animation program, such as beach volleyball, soccer league, etc.
Third phase – Construction and sale of 11 chalets (2013)
The last 11 chalets will be constructed in the same style as those of the first phase, and will provide an integrated recreational zone.
Any person who enters the LipKydom will feel supremely comfortable - the desired effect of a precise combination of natural beauty, stylish architecture, recreational facilities and a unique view.
Fourth phase – Ski resort (2014)
The very last phase of our project is to complete the sports and recreational facilities for summer as well winter sports.
The private ski resort located just a few steps from the door of the chalets will be one of the principal highlights of winter sports. The construction plans, which have taken into account the 10 kilometres of ski slopes surrounding this region, have been approved by the authorities in this self-governing region. Besides the ski slopes we plan to provide tracks for cross-country skiing. The provision of ice fields for ice-skating or ice hockey is also a part of the project.
The newly built sports fields will provide facilities for classic summer sports such as soccer, beach volleyball or tennis. Besides, the chalet's surroundings provide opportunities for less active sports and leisure pursuits such as tourism, biking or fishing.
Regardless of the type of activities or sports you like to perform, it always is a great pleasure to visit a spa afterwards. We offer a spa with a variety of services throughout the year.
Administration office
The main purpose of the administrative office is to ensure the comfort and smooth lives of the community members, and to have the amenities operating smoothly. Our aim is to enable you to spend your leisure time actively and comfortably whenever you feel like at any time of the year.
Besides those mentioned above, the duties of the administrative office will includeThe operation and administration of summer and winter sport facilities (sport fields, courts, ski slopes, cross-country tracks, etc.).
Our aim is to set up a recreation zone directly connected to the natural environment, combined with the typical attractions of the Liptov region (skiing, golf, spa, etc.).
The unique location of the project is such that it provides an unforgettable atmosphere. Any visitor or resident will enjoy the altitude of the region located at the border of the national park with a view of the entire Liptov valley, the Liptovská Mara lake, and the surroundings mountains.
Our Team
The project is being executed by LipKy, s.r.o., which is in charge of investments and constructions. The members of LipKy Ltd. include its founders and the creators of the architectural project:
  • Ing. Miroslav Toma – is the owner of the land on which the buildings will be constructed, and also one of the visionaries responsible for the creation of a recreational zone in this location.
  • SHIFT, a.s. – a private equity group company dealing with projects based on venture capital. It main function is to generate starting capital. Shift Company is represented by its founder Ing. Martin Wiedermann .
  • wiedermann, s.r.o. – partner. RNDr. Vladimír Wiedermann is the system integrator of the construction project. His activities include the coordination of activities
Ing. Ján Zmrhla
SHIFT, a.s.
- Project manager
- finance
- Planning and flow chart
- Communication with professional organization
Ing. Martin Wiedermann
SHIFT, a.s
- Co-author of the project
- Main investor representative
- Know-how carrier
Ing. Michal Markulják
SHIFT, a.s.
- Public communication
- Project presentation
- Sale
Ing. Zdenko Alexy
Tatrasod, s.r.o.
- Building surveyor
- Expert on regional architecture
- Adviser for construction, execution and architecture

In addition to those mentioned above, the following persons and institutions shall be involved in the project:

F a B, s.r.o.
Ing. arch. Oľga Babjaková
Ing. arch. Peter Flimel
- Final architecture
- Project documentation
- Solutions for dispositions concerning chalets
- Consultant
- Creation of an interior draft by professional architects and designers

x l y, s.r.o.
Ing. arch. Vladimír Šlachtovský
Ing.Igor Hantuch
- Basic documentation and draft of chalet

RTC, s.r.o.
Ing. arch. Miroslav Vrbacký
- Author of the original draft of the project

Vladimír Kubáň

- Main supplier
- Construction-in-charge

Jozef Čendula

- Conceptual consultant for chalets
- Specialist in wooden construction, cobbles and production of the traditional wood shake
- Sub-supplier of construction material